Indie gaming

If you haven’t seen the Indie Game documentary, I totally recommend it. It gives a great view of the videogames industry and how difficult is for small startups to develop and publish a videogame. And it gives you an idea of the huge amount of work behind any game.

The thing is that, even though I don’t play much, I’ve been trying lately to play some indie games both to support small companies and to see how are those games. The first one that I tried is Game Dev Tycoon. I read this post in HN and found their idea amazing, so I decided to buy the game. The game is simple: it’s the Theme Park of the videogames industry. You have to build your own videogames company from scratch. The graphics are simple, and the game has some minor bugs, but is still worth the price: 8$.

The second one was this weekend. I played Journey and, as the reviewer on the video says, Journey is probably the most beautiful game I’ve ever played. It’s a really short and simple game, you don’t have lives, you cannot be killed, you don’t have to fight, there are no coins… It’s just a Journey with amazing landscapes and an outstanding music. And it’s collaborative, you’ll meet other players during the game, but you cannot talk, type any text or know their name. You can only communicate through musical notes.

You can see the review here:

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  1. Jesús says:

    Creo que probaré el segundo! :^)

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